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Tuesday September 25, 2018
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skier1 | posted 02-04-2009 | Number of Votes: 39  |  Current Rating: 3.96   

I was helping some friends get their rental skis and snowboards at a rental shop in a resort town at a place that only does rentals. As they were putting on their boots they asked the rental clerk if they could leave their boots at the rental place and pick them up when they return their rental gear later on that day. There is actually a ski run that comes into town and stops right outside of the shop and the shop advertises that you can ski right back to return your gear.

my friend: so can we leave our shoes here and pick them up when we bring our stuff back
rental guy: no
my friend: is there any place to store our stuff?
rental guy: no
my friend: you don't have storage for our boots?
rental guy: we'd have to build a whole new storage building for that.
my friend: can't you just put our boots in the place that the ski boots were?
rental guy: ...blank stare...

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