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Wednesday December 19, 2018
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Norrick | posted 10-01-2004 | Number of Votes: 233  |  Current Rating: 4.35   

I own a custom software development shop.

In 2000, after I delivered a proposal to a client, they called a meeting to discuss some "concerns". At the meeting, they introduced me to Bob from Accounting.

"Bob from Accounting thinks your design is all wrong" they told me. Now, I'm an open-minded guy and am willing to entertain debate on the best way of doing things when the debate includes informed participants. So, I figured Bob must have a software background.

"No, I've never developed software."

I politely asked what Bob's qualifications and/or experience were with regard to software design, so as to see what kind of common ground we could proceed from.

"Well, I took a computer class in college

A computer class. As in, one class. And mind you, Bob was in his late 50's. That means he graduated college in 1965.

I couldn't resist. I put on my most earnest tone and my best smile and said "What a coincidence, Bob! I took one accounting class in college. How about you redesign my application and I audit your books?"

I still got the project.

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