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Tuesday October 16, 2018
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ViciousNed | posted 03-14-2009 | Number of Votes: 47  |  Current Rating: 3.16   

I had a customer today came in to buy a NAS drive. When he
mentioned the item in question another salesman recalled a
phonecall he'd had a few minutes before about the same item.
The customer said it wasn't him, so I continued to speak with
him about it.

AS I was about to put the sale through, he asked what the best
price I could give him was. I told him $449 (which actually was
the listed price, but was already only just above cost). At
this point he chooses to mention that he'd called earlier about
it and asked someone to put one aside for him.

So I'm pissed off because the other salesman had already had it
put aside and put everything in the system, which means he gets
the commission on it even though I wasted 10 minutes with this
loser because he was being cheap


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