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Friday December 14, 2018
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souldoubt | posted 03-15-2009 | Number of Votes: 102  |  Current Rating: 4.52   

I work at a whitewater rafting company which caters to a mostly "metropolitan" crowd. These are actual questions I have been asked while guiding trips. Now this is a REAL rafting trip through the wilderness, no roads or buildings for miles. It's a 12 mile, 7 hour day, you paddle like mad, and you may take a few unintentional swims. This information is nothing we keep secret. It's in all of our brochures, all over our website, and in all our confirmations we send them when they book.

Do we get wet? (No it's the only dry river in the country)

The river goes in one big circle, right? (Correction. It's the only dry circular river in the country)

Who puts all these rocks in the river? (We go down every morning and put all the rocks in the river)

Do we have to paddle?(No there's a metal rail on the bottom of the river that the raft goes down. There's also mechanical animals on the shore. Just like Disney World!)

We forgot our lunch, but we just figured we pick something up along the way. (What? Leaves and twigs? Did you see any McDonald's since you got in the raft?)

When we're done, can we go back up and do it again? (Sure just hop on the Monorail!)

On the telephone:

Them: I'm lost. Where am I? Me: What road are you on? Them: I don't know. It's got two lanes and there's a bunch of trees.(Oh THAT road!)

Hi. I'd like to reservate... (You'd like to WHAT?)

Me:...and all I need from you is your credit card number. Them: Do you want me to read it to you? (No, just think about it real hard, we're telepathic!)

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