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Friday December 14, 2018
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Stupid Client Quote #701

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Keith Williamson | posted 10-03-2004 | Number of Votes: 84  |  Current Rating: 4.36   

I recently had a client, the owner of a start-up business, who wanted artwork for a magazine ad. He showed me a couple of things he liked, all half-page tabloid-sized. I asked him to outline some copy, which I would turn into fabulous prose for him. I also asked him for exact dimensions as supplied by the publications he was interested in.

He gave me the copy, about one and a half A4 pages, and a few thousand digital photos that he'd taken. I set to work, and after three changes of concept got to something that he said he liked. What he had not supplied was any actual dimensions for the ad.

One day (just before the weekend, of course), he calls me and says he's got this fabuluous offer from a UK construction mag, but the deadline for artwork is like 2 days away. The size is something ridiculous, smaller than a postcard. He still wants all his copy in it, and I tell him he simply cannot have it. The reason being that very few people are able to read 4 point type.

And then he started whingeing because I'd used specialised software and he couldn't open anything in Word.

Honestly, is there a special school somewhere where clients learn this stuff?

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