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Tuesday September 22, 2020
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Droose | posted 05-19-2009 | Number of Votes: 94  |  Current Rating: 4.55   

I would for a public school district, and provide help desk services to the teachers, administrators, and other staff. One aspect of this is repairing/cleaning Cisco 7940/60 Phones.

On a Friday morning I get an email that I need to come to one of the grade schools ASAP because one of the teachers has "A phone that is broken, likely beyond repair."

Vague help desk tickets are normal, so I figured the phone was either unplugged, or some other similar error. When I arrive to the class room, the teacher meets me at the door quite flustered about how terrible our response time is (it took 5 minutes to drive from a different building) and how crappy our hardware is.

When she calms down enough for me to ask what the problem is, she says the wireless hand set doesn't work...On a decidedly I go and look, and she has removed the phone line between the handset and the base. When I asked her where the cord was her response made me want to kill myself: "Oh that? I threw that away. Once you charge the batteries you don't need it any more! It's a green device."

I confiscated the handset, and she is now stuck using speaker phone.

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