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Thursday October 18, 2018
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Bob | posted 08-19-2009 | Number of Votes: 1450  |  Current Rating: 4.26   

Potential Client: Hi you guys make online flash games right?

Me: Yes we do.

Potential Client: Ya I saw your games on your site, pretty good stuff. We need a decent game for our site.

Me: Great, what would you guys like to do?

Potential Client: We have an idea that could be viral. Our budget is about $1500. I know it's not the biggest budget but but we think this idea could cause a real stir.

Me: Okay, no problem. Whats your idea?

Potential Client: Have you ever played a game called ... (I can hear papers in the background) ... World of ... Warcraft?

Me: I'm more on an FPS guy, buy ya, I'm well aware of it.

Potential Client: [trying to figure out what FPS means] Ya anyway, that.

Me: (Pause) You want to re-make WOW in Flash? Are you serious?

Potential Client: (confused tone) Well it's popular so I thought why not just adapt something like that to a flash? Like Tetris, remember that game? I use to play it years ago. Now I have found sites where you could play it in a browser. So we'd like something like that for our company's site, but with a more contemporary game.

[I went on to explain the why the request was insane. He didn't buy it and ended the call by telling me he was going to call a competent company that can handle a simple game request]

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