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Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Samantha | posted 10-07-2009 | Number of Votes: 36  |  Current Rating: 4.69   

My co-worker - the other graphics designer here - is on a 3-day vacation. An in-
house customer calls about needing some edits done on a couple of jobs my co-
worker is working on. I ask if it can wait until my co-worker's return, as I am
alone, and have my own rush jobs to do.

She thinks about it and says there is one job she'd appreciate me taking care of

When I get the e-mail from her about the edits, there are only two edits: Move a
comma and delete a word. That's it. She doesn't tell me the name of the job or
whether or not she wants a new proof.

My co-worker happens to call, and he tells me that the customer has sat
on the last proof for this "rush" job for two weeks already, so not to sweat it.

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