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Sunday March 29, 2020
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Justice1911 | posted 10-13-2009 | Number of Votes: 51  |  Current Rating: 4.59   

We recently had a client call in with an issue regarding her spam filters. Her email name included a signature which held a known spam flag inside of it. None of the clients emails would go out to her employees nor were they able to send email to her.

After calling us constantly and speaking with our executive support we found the issue to be a global flag that we simply could not remove as it would have to be removed for everyone who subscribes to our service thus opening the flood gates of spam to everyone.

As the client called in again and received one of our specialists the client proceeded to want the global flag removed or the client would cancel their account with us. After explaining a third time doing so would cause the above issue for everyone and that we'd reduce her service price due to the email issue.

The client then asked us why we couldn't just reduce everyone else's price and remove the flag. That it was the least we could do since the client was losing business due to being unable to MASS email random people on the internet.

Informing the customer we were NOT going to remove the global flag said client then proceeds to advise they would be going to another provider and putting in their emails out for everyone to avoid our service as it does not allow mass emails. (SPAM)

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