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Saturday October 20, 2018
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AndyK | posted 10-26-2009 | Number of Votes: 48  |  Current Rating: 4.52   

More moronic moments from the world of wedding photography. Guy & gal come in to look at my work and potentially book me for their wedding. Things seem to be going well for me and I establish good rapport with the bride but the groom is acting like he wants nothing to do with a wedding.

Bride: can we see some samples? I've already visited your web site.

Me: here is my portfolio containing pictures from dozens of weddings.

I opened the book to the first picture, a really stunning bride in her wedding dress.

Bride: Oh wow, she looks great! My dress is kinda like that.

Groom: Man, she is sooooo hot! Is she like, available?!

At that point a fight almost developed between the potential newlyweds and they quickly got up and left. But the bride said between clenched teeth, "We'll call you to schedule another appointment".

I wasn't surprised when they never called back. Maybe she will find a better match and come back to see me with the next Mr. Right. ;~)

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