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Saturday September 22, 2018
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yogee | posted 11-16-2009 | Number of Votes: 41  |  Current Rating: 3.77   

alright, I worked at this PC Hardware Retailer for a while. Client calls:
C: Damned, cant find the battery slot on my logitech mouse...!
me: Eeerm, well, turn it around. should be right there.
C: Noo, dude, its not!
me: well, how did you get it to run in the first place?
C: dunno, ive put batteries in it
me: well, WHERE?
c: dunno, my wife did it. Im gonna take it apart now i think.
... this continued for 4 minutes...
me: sir, all I can say is that the battery slot is most of the time underneath the mouse. you could also RTFM! but I cant handle this any longer, others are wating.
I hang up the phone - 15 minutes later he called back:
C: Sir, you are the greates. I took the whole mouse apart with a screwdriver. And you were right: IT IS ACTUALLY UNDERNEATH. Thank you!

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