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Wednesday December 19, 2018
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DexX | posted 11-18-2009 | Number of Votes: 80  |  Current Rating: 4.63   

Last week...

Boss: "Apparently one of the car phones has been dead for two weeks. What's going on?"

Me: "It has? Nobody told me! I'll go check it out."

I went to look at the phone. It has a post-it note stuck to it saying "broken". The phone appeared to be dead, so I plugged it into its charger, gave it thirty seconds or so, then turned it on. It worked fine, so I returned to my desk.

Me: "Flat battery. Some idiot failed to plug it in when they returned it."

Boss: "Again? Morons!"

This week...

Passive aggressive cow: "Three weeks! That car phone has been dead for three weeks now!"

Me: "Do you mean the one that I-"

PAC: "This level of service is unacceptable! Those phones are essential for the safety of team members!"

Me: "I checked it last week and it was fl-"

We stroll together to the rack of phones while she goes on a lengthy rant about how much I suck at my job and won't listen when I try to tell her I fixed it last week and it's probably just flat again because our dumbfuck staff can't remember to plug the phones into their chargers.

Sure enough, it's not plugged into the charger again. I plug it in, wait a moment, then turn it on.

PAC: "It won't turn on!"
PAC2: [Walking past, hears what's going on.] Is that phone still broken after three weeks? [Launches into a similar tirade about how much I suck.]
Me: [Turns phone around so they can see.] "It's on."
PAC2: [Brief stunned silence.] "Well, there's something wrong with the power button. It wouldn't turn on for me."
Me: "Let's see..." [Turns phone off easily, turns it back on easily.] "It seems fine. Like I was trying to say early, I think it's just a flat battery."
PAC2: "No! It won't work off the charger! The battery is broken."

Both PACs then wandered off, muttering evilly to themselves. An hour or two later, I unplugged the phone and the battery held the charge just fine. I even checked with the staff member who used it that night, and it worked perfectly.

I love being blamed and abused to my face for the incompetence of other staff. *sigh*

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