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Thursday October 18, 2018
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Parker | posted 12-04-2009 | Number of Votes: 44  |  Current Rating: 3.68   

I am working for a small IT company with a focus on emergency support.

Client: Can you help me with my computer?
Me: We'll do our best. What is the problem?
Client: I uninstalled some apps and now I have holes in my desktop.
Me: You got what? (I expected the worst after another client called some days ago, who has tried to get rid of foil on her notebook's display that had already been removed, with a screwdriver, ruining it!)
Client: (repeating his last sentence) ... look, I'm not an expert (already knew that). Can you help me to fill up the holes so it looks nice again?
Me: Fill up? ... hmmm (could it be?) ... have you tried to 'fill it up' with some of the other symbols on your desktop?
Client: How could I do that?
Me: Well... click one, hold it, drag it, release it.
Client: (serious silence ... then) It worked! Astonishing! I would never have imagined it could work that way...

It was amazing to hear him being stunned by his latest experience... as if he just saw a car for the first time... or electricity. In my job I can help people with different problems but no one ever 'felt so helped' before :)

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