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Sunday December 16, 2018
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clientsarealwayscorrect? | posted 12-12-2009 | Number of Votes: 62  |  Current Rating: 4.71   

I have a client who decided he wanted to use some of his own
photography (he is a ironmonger) in his brochure for decorative
fencing. He appears one day with 7 prints and I think to myself
ok, little unusual for a non professional to be using film.
However, when I put the photographs face down in my scanner I
notice they are imprinted on the back with the logo of a well
know instant digital photo printing kiosk, when I ask him if he
has these on a SD card her replies yes but he though it would be
cheaper to go buy the print himself for me to scan than for me
to go and have to print them and charge him extra!

This however is not the end of the tale...

The following day he appears with the SD card and I put in it my
card reader, iPhoto opens and starts to import the
photographs...the photos start innocent enough but quickly tun
into a what can only be described as a pornographic slideshow of
pictures of him and his wife before I manage to yank the card

Now this may sound embarassing enough but my mother happens to
be our book-keeper and sits two desks back with full view of my

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