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Wednesday December 19, 2018
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diana760 | posted 12-30-2009 | Number of Votes: 83  |  Current Rating: 4.65   

BACKSTORY: We sell higher-end furniture and indoor/outdoor decor. A client was looking at an indoor contemporary 2' water fountain. You plug it in and add 2 gallons of water...done.


CLIENT: This is nice.

ME: It is a beautiful piece of art.

CLIENT: Ok, i love it, but i have one question.

ME: Ok.

CLIENT: What happens if I need more water?

ME: (puzzled) ...You add more water.

CLIENT: Well, from where?

ME: A hose or a faucet.

CLIENT: But how do i do that?

ME: Just pour the water on top of the fountain.

CLIENT: But where do i get it from?

ME: Get what?

CLIENT: (frustrated) ...The water?!


The client, looking confused and mumbling something about me not understanding her qustion, walked out of the store...

...this really happened...

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