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Sunday October 21, 2018
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exaspirate | posted 12-31-2009 | Number of Votes: 57  |  Current Rating: 4.40   

Proof, from some years ago, that some programmers should get out more...

Client rings: Is [colleague] there?
Me: I'm sorry, he's not here at the moment. Can I help?
Client: It's this diagnostic disk he sent us, to test ICL Emulation. The server cannot be booted from a floppy disk and won't allow autoexec.bat to run, it's a security issue.
Me: You can run the ICL Emulation diagnostic manually. Er, are there any ladies present where you're working?
Client: (puzzled) No, I'm on my own in the server room.
Me: Good. Can you put the disk into the floppy drive on the server, open a DOS Window and change to the A: drive?
Client: OK, done.
Me: Good. Now type TESTICLE and press return.

[He hit mute, too late]

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