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Friday February 23, 2018
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AndyK | posted 01-04-2010 | Number of Votes: 39  |  Current Rating: 4.48   

We had a temp working the helpdesk while the regular lady was on medical leave. Although initially the temp seemed knowledgeable and friendly, she soon got on everybody's nerves and we were forced to give her the boot.

A very reasonable upper level manager called to tell me he was having problems with the temp. He said, "I've got her on my other line and she won't listen to a thing I'm saying. Is there anyway you can help?" Since I was just down the hall, I jogged down to his office to see what was going on.

Temp (on phone): "Does it still give you an error message saying that your network cable is unplugged? If it is that means the cable is unplugged, please check it again."

I looked behind the PC and the cable was firmly plugged into the network card, then I tracked it to the network jack in the wall and it was plugged in firmly there too. I said, "Kate, it keeps giving him the error message but the cable is firmly plugged in, I checked it myself."

Kate: "But that error message is correct! The cable has got to be unplugged!"

She then went on to repeat the same thing several more times with her volume and pitch increasing with every repetition. He hit the mute button and said, "See? I've been talking to her for 30 minutes and she won't listen to a word I'm saying."

I started explaining to her that it could be something else and she really got hysterical. Finally I hung up the phone (it was on speakerphone the whole time and several nearby workers could hear everything.

By the time the CIO was politely informed to get rid of that temp by the upper level manager, I traced the problem to a break in the network cable due to some workers relocating air conditioning ductwork in the ceiling. We had a new line run that afternoon and things went smoother with a new temp. I guess some people take error messages far too literal. ;^)

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