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Saturday April 4, 2020
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WMP | posted 01-21-2010 | Number of Votes: 56  |  Current Rating: 4.66   

Several years ago I was working as Senior Sales Manager for an international company that had a local office in my town. We had conducted extensive interviews for an office manager and the overseas owner insisted that we hire the mature woman who said she had extensive experience with payroll and Excel. Over the objections of the Vice President and myself, she was hired. Several months into her employment she asked me for some assitance with a spreadsheet. I entered a column of numbers and hit the Sum button to total the column. She said, "How'd you do that?" I said, "Do what?" "How'd you get that total so fast?" "I just pressed the summation button." She had no idea that a spreadsheet was more than just a grid for entering numbers. She entered numbers in the cells and then with an adding machine, did the math and entered the answer into the spreadsheet! Geez. She didn't last much longer and the owner allowed us to make our own hiring decisions after that.

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