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Friday November 16, 2018
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DexX | posted 03-02-2010 | Number of Votes: 44  |  Current Rating: 4.42   

I do admin for a client management system. When the staff who use it for managing their caseload make mistakes, they ask me to fix things.

I got an email today from one of my... "special" staff members. He's incompetent, rude, and lazy, and nobody else in the office can stand working with him. He represents the worst of government employees; the kind who simply couldn't maintain a job in the private sector.

Anyway, in the case management system, this guy had a client assigned to him that wasn't actually his. Note that our case workers handle medical care for disabled, elderly, and vulnerable people, so keeping track of our cases is vitally important.

He emailed me and asked me to delete the case from the system.

I responded as civilly as I could to such a moronic request. "I can't just delete it. This client may be in need of care, and has probably been assigned to you by mistake. Please discuss it with your team leader and work out whose case it is meant to be."

I wanted to be a lot less polite, but unlike him I am a professional. :P

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