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Tuesday August 4, 2020
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SevenEcks | posted 03-05-2010 | Number of Votes: 38  |  Current Rating: 4.07   

I created an XML export of a clients inventory, so that sites he partners with would be able to list his inventory as well. This was a HUGE priority and work make millions of dollars. I had to drop everything to work on it. I finished it quickly and let him know. Six months later he asks me to consult with the (only) partner using the XML feed since they were having trouble.

Partner: Would you be able to give me a status update on this issue? The heading on ****'s site is still showing the ***(My Client's Site Name)*** and not ***(Partners Site Name)***.

It really must be handled. Please help get this done right away, it has been over 2 or more months.

Me: *Looks* This is not a page generated by the XML feed from the other site. This is an iframe displaying the inventory page of the other site.

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