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Monday October 15, 2018
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FlipC | posted 03-09-2010 | Number of Votes: 27  |  Current Rating: 3.18   

Transferring a website from someone reluctant to pass on the necessary details.

Client: Well can't we just ask the hosting company for the login and password?
Me: Well they won't give us them.
Client: Why not?
Me: Well would you want our host to just hand out our details?
Client: But this is different.


Client: I've found out they're using this CMS system can you contact them and get the information?
Me: It's just a free CMS system that anyone can use.
Client: Well can you just install it then and make some changes to their website?
Me: Well if I could do that so could anyone else.

They've now made an appointment with a cold-caller whose told them they can easily get the details; in an email exchange said caller couldn't make an emailed link to the site work.

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