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Friday December 14, 2018
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Amanda | posted 06-16-2010 | Number of Votes: 71  |  Current Rating: 4.71   

I work as an assistant to some system admins and usually end up fixing staff machines with viruses. Someone comes in one day carrying a tower.

Client: "Hey, uh, can anyone here fix this?"
Me: "Yeah, sure thing. What's wrong with it?"
Client: "I don't know. Probably a virus or something, keeps popping up ads and stuff."
Me: "All right, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Is there a password on the machine?"
Client: "Listen, is there someone else who could fix this?"
Me: "No, sir, both of my bosses are busy this week and my coworkers have other assignments."
Client: "Well are you sure?"
Me: "..yes. Everyone else is busy."
Client: "Ok. I'll bring it back later. I want, you know, a guy to fix it."

Guess later my boss told him to deal with whatever was wrong with his computer. :)

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