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Tuesday November 13, 2018
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MikeyC | posted 09-20-2010 | Number of Votes: 38  |  Current Rating: 4.60   

I do all the tech support operations for a small rural school district and some of our people are a couple decades behind on their ability to use technology. The high school principal is a good example of this, every time he needs to register for something or fill out an online form I have to almost literally hold his hand and tell him what to type in each box. So today he was registering for some damn thing, I don't know what it was suppose to be, but it was really straight forward. It was asking for stuff like name and phone number and email address and stuff but this idiot just couldn't figure it out. In the "first name" field he asked what to put in there, so I told him just his first name. This is exactly what he asked: "Why do they want *my* first name?" How am I suppose to answer a question like that without being catty or giving a smart ass response?

Then just a few minutes ago he had a two page MS Word document he needed to print, it was two full pages top to bottom. For some reason he wanted it only on one page, but there was no way to fit it on only one page because there was so much text. So I suggested we print page 1 then put the paper back in and print page 2 on the opposite side. He didn't like that idea though, he wanted one side of one page with two pages worth of text. I point blank told him it wouldn't fit unless we adjusted margins and made the text size super small so he had me do that because he doesn't know how. And I still couldn't fit it all on one page! Somehow it was my fault that the document someone else sent him in an email was too big to fit on a single piece of paper.

If it wasn't for $25 an hour with a good benefits package I would walk away from this job in a heart beat.

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