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Friday November 16, 2018
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MikeyC | posted 10-19-2010 | Number of Votes: 41  |  Current Rating: 3.17   

Another one from the school I work in. I feel like I add more things to this site than anyone else.

So we've got Smartboards in every classroom, and for some teachers it is a pretty big step up from the old chalk and blackboards they are comfortable using. One teacher is totally illiterate with computers even though she is barely 35 years old and not in her 60s like many of the other teachers. So in the Smart Notebook software that goes with Smarboards she had a text box that she was typing in, but she wanted to move a picture from one location to the other to make room for the text box. Here is the conversation:

Her: When I try to click on the picture it just creates another text box and won't let me click the picture.

Me: Thats alright, just click this icon with the arrow on it, then click the picture and drag it to where ever you want.

Her: Oh ok, I should have known that. So what if I want to create a new text box?

Me: Then just click this text box icon and click where you want it to be in the document.

Her: But then I won't be able to click pictures any more.

Me: Then just use this arrow icon just like before.

Her: But won't that take me out of my text box?

Me: Yeah, you can switch back and forth like that, no problem.

Her: It will let you do that?

Me: Yup.

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