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Tuesday November 13, 2018
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AndyK | posted 02-07-2011 | Number of Votes: 69  |  Current Rating: 4.66   

One department manager does all he can to roll-his-own and leave I.T. in the dark about the software he uses. That would be fine except when we (I.T.) have to integrate his oddball stuff into our other systems, any problems that arise are blamed on us.

He got an almost free database program to keep track of some critical stuff in his department. I will admit that it actually worked pretty good, until the database got too big and started giving errors. My boss and I were called into a meeting with him to see what could be done.

Clueless Dept. Head (CDH): "The database worked fine and kept track of all our parts until we got an error message."

Me: "It says your database is over the size limit for the free version and you'll have to upgrade to their pay version." (The pay version would suck up a fair portion of CDH's yearly computer budget)

CDH: "Yeah, we cannot afford that, you've got to make this work!"

Me (thinking): Glad to know I have to perform magic because of your dumb decisions!!

Me (saying): "You'll have to delete some data out of the database, maybe some older records or items you no longer need."

CDH: "We have to keep it all! I can't believe you people can't make this work!!"

Me: "It's either downsize the database or pay to upgrade to the pro version of their software, at least with it the size limitation goes away and you'd get several hours of free tech support every month..."

CDH (cutting me off): "What do we pay your salary for? I mean, seriously, do you do anything of value to the company! All I want is something simple and you can't help me at all!!"

My Boss: "Either pay to upgrade or cut the size of your database. You cannot expect us to support something that you literally picked out of a catalog and we had no input in the purchasing decision. Suck it up and find the money!"

I literally thought that CDH was going to have a stroke because his face was so red and I bet his blood pressure was sky high. I just love getting blamed for something I had nothing to do with, even though I gave him the only two solutions via e-mail prior to our meeting.

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