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Saturday September 22, 2018
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AndyK | posted 03-03-2011 | Number of Votes: 41  |  Current Rating: 4.55   

A friend works in security for a large office building. There's an intersection right in front of the building and their bank of security cameras just happens to cover it.

One morning a lady who works in the building is hit by another vehicle as she waits for the redlight to change so she can pull into the parking lot. My friend was detailed to watch from the edge of the property as the cops handled the situation.

Afterwards the lady comes into the security office, very upset, and asks for a copy of the video. My friend calls their Human Resources office for guidance on what he is allowed to do, and they tell him to only release the video to the cops. He tells the lady this and of course she is a bit upset. He tells her if she retains a lawyer then the lawyer can get a copy from the cops.

By this point he had finished burning a copy of the video to DVD for when the cops show up (if they ever do) and the lady had settled down. Then a loudmouth guy comes to the office shouting that he is going to sue everybody because it was their fault that he struck the lady's car. My friend attempted to explain the company policy about the video but the guy gets louder and louder. One of the security guards finally has to stand between Mr. Loudmouth and the lady.

Another employee leaves the room to call the cops and by the time they arrive (the same two officers who responded to the earlier accident) Mr. Loudmouth is in an uproar threatening not only lawsuits, but physical violence against the lady AND the security guards!

The cops calmly handcuff Mr. Loudmouth, take a copy of the security DVD and leave. Afterwards the security guards and the lady watch the video for themselves and could clearly see the lady waiting patiently in her car for the redlight to change to green while Mr. Loudmouth runs the redlight and hits her head-on.

They were betting that Mr. Loudmouth would not be able to contain his temper in court and the judge would get to dump even more retribution on his hot-tempered head. Unfortunately we won't get to see the video of Mr. Loudmouth's courtroom antics. :^)

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