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Friday December 14, 2018
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icepyro | posted 03-30-2011 | Number of Votes: 28  |  Current Rating: 3.39   

I had the pleasure of teaching someone how to use a laptop
yesterday. As in, I had to demonstrate how to move the mouse
with the touchpad. This would not be so bad except that she
didn't seem to understand how mice work anyways.

First of all, on this particular laptop, the fingerprint scanner
was between the two raised mouse buttons. I told her to click on
the icon. She stuck her fingers between the buttons, causing the
fingerprint scanner to activate security software wanting to set
all that stuff up. I finally put tape over the sensor so that it
wouldn't pop up windows and make her panic.

Then I started explaining left click and right click. I even
pointed to the two raised buttons and pointed out which was left
and right. She still right clicked when I said left click
causing the program to do something else.

The sad part is she uses a computer daily to do her job. I've
worked on her computer before so I know she can use a computer
on a basic level. All of this was so she could play a dvd during
a presentation. I had even opened the program for her. There was
a very clear control bar, and all she had to do was click play.

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