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Wednesday August 5, 2020
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Stupid Client Quote #792

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chris | posted 10-12-2004 | Number of Votes: 75  |  Current Rating: 3.55   

again, i was doing the layout for a monthly community newspaper. i had lots
of moments where i just sat back and rolled my eyes.

3 months before i quit the job to go travelling, i let the managing editor know
so he can find a replacement for me. i work from home and one night he asks
if he can bring the new designer over to meet me and ask any questions
about designing the newspaper. i never met the guy before me, i don't know
why this guy has to meet me but whatever, i say ok. i meet the guy and he's
asking what kind of software i use and fonts and all that. i learn that he's not
really a print designer at all but a web guy. he asks if he can "borrow" some of
my software and fonts. my blank stare doesn't really make sense to him. aside
from the fact that i'm sitting there at my Mac and he's already talked about
having a PC, i'm not giving him my software even if it were compatible. he
then asks if he can have the original files for the layout. again, no. and he's a
designer. yikes. not just the clients that are idiots.

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