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Saturday December 7, 2019
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chris | posted 10-12-2004 | Number of Votes: 66  |  Current Rating: 3.69   

ok, more from when i was doing the layout for a monthly community

so, it's my last issue before i leave the country to go backpacking. i had sent
out an email to everyone that works at the paper after my second to last issue
to thank them, wish them luck and also to remind them that because i'm
leaving, the deadline for my last issue must be very firm for a specific date
(up until this point, they were always behind schedule and printing late). the
managing editor says he'll make sure everything is on time so they will be
able to go to print.

i get an email 2 days before the printing
deadline (this is now a week after the submission deadline and 4 days before
i'm leaving the country for 4 months) from one of the writers saying he's not
going to be able to make the deadline. i respond w/ the paper will not be
going to print then.

i get a very angry email saying he's very busy and doesn't understand why i
can't be more flexible (just a reminder here: he's already a week late and i'm
just gonna plug in his article before sending it off to print - very frustrating
already). it's at this point i remind him that because my computer and all of
my belongings will be in storage after the deadline and i'm not bringing a
laptop while i go backpacking, it's not going to be able to be

needless to say, he sent the article later that day. he also
apologized for being an idiot. turns out he was having problems at home w/
his wife (which is also more info than i need from a client).

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