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Wednesday February 20, 2019
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The_Bartender | posted 07-18-2011 | Number of Votes: 56  |  Current Rating: 4.70   

[Working at a local tavern, on a main roadway]


Customer: Hi there, we'd like to order food!

Me: Sounds great! *gets them menus, get them drinks while they decide* Are we good or do we still need a minute?

Customer: I'll have an olive burger, and my wife will have a grilled chicken sandwich.

Me: Sounds good. *takes order back to the cook.*

[15 minutes later...]

Me: Here's your food, need anything else right away?

Customer: No, I think we're fine, thank you.

At this point I walked away, dealing with other patrons for a few minutes. I came back to check and the man had barely touched his burger.

Me: Is everything alright? Or did you get un-hungry?

Customer: There are olives in my burger! I hate olives!

Me: Uhm... You... Ordered the olive burger?

Customer: I didn't know there were olives in it!! I'm not paying for this!

Me: What did you think was -in- an olive burger sir?

Customer: I didn't know!

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