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Saturday October 20, 2018
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exaspirate | posted 08-10-2011 | Number of Votes: 36  |  Current Rating: 1.66   

A temporary worker joined the company. As he was due to stay only a few months, the IT department gave him a computer previously used by a web developer who had just left. They didn't bother with a complete format and reinstall, but just deleted the obvious unnecessary applications and files, and set up a new email account.

On his first day, the new worker telephoned to complain that he could not send emails. The error message suggested he wasn't connected to the network at all. The Tech. on duty asked the obvious questions; was the netword cable securely plugged in etc. He then asked whether the new hand could access web sites. The new hire replied that he could.

More questions and answers later without result, the Tech. asked "Are you sure you have access to web sites? Have you tried typing '' into the address bar?" The new hand replied "I'm on some sort of listing page. If I click on any of the links, some sort of page or image comes up. The list is [name1.htm], [name2.php], etc."

Strange, thought the Tech, he seems to be on some sort of index page for the company's own website. He asked "Can you go back to that listing page, and tell me what's in the address bar?" The new hand replied "http://localhost".

Cue a Homer Simpson-like "Doh!!" and a demand for beer. Now it wasn't the newbie's fault that the previous user had left all sorts of gobbets of php and htm code on the machine (in Apache's default workspace somewhere under C:Program Files, which is why Tech. Support had missed them) and left "localhost" as the default web page. Nor was it his fault that that his network cable had perhaps been plugged into a dead socket or might have been defective. But "a web page" isn't the same thing as access to the whole world wide web.

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