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Friday June 5, 2020
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Ausboy | posted 08-30-2011 | Number of Votes: 80  |  Current Rating: 4.62   

Once, working HR for a global tech firm an applicant sent in a very professional
and cover letter and was granted an interview. He followed this on the day of the
interview with a second email directly to the CTO, this included a three page listing
all of the faults he had identified in the company website, from interface he did not
like to functionalities, including sections where he had hacked into secure areas,
and told them how his genius at everything from internet security to forensic
computing to website design and development would be invaluable for amending
these "glaring errors" CTO comes in wide eyed and hands me a printout....said it
too "impressive" to just forward on.

Our genius presents to his interview early and instead of waiting in reception
as requested he gets up and starts looking for the IT department, he is found
trying to circumvent security on one of the access doors leading to a sensitive area.
presented with his headphones dangling around his neck, sunglasses on top of his
head, an earring in one ear and tennis shoes with his suit, while chewing gum.
this we went on to conduct the interview. Call it morbid curiosity.

He proceeded to condescend to all present, tell us he was a technical genius and
12 times what we were offering but would be willing to slum it for a few months
establishing himself and requested 6 weeks paid vacation a year. He also managed
call my offsider "babe" and said he would learn her name once he had the job.

At the end of the interview I basically I ripped him a new one. His defense?

He was "proactively showing his skill-set to advantage by applying it directly to the
corporate environment" and "wanted to appear hip and young and vital so as to
best show how he could function in an IT culture" and that "none of it would matter
cos in 6 months he would be my boss anyway"

oh and the job he was going for? an entry level internal help-desk position.

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