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Friday December 14, 2018
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fox-orian | posted 09-27-2011 | Number of Votes: 62  |  Current Rating: 2.33   

To all unreasonably irate customers:

I work in a retail store. We sell equipment. Some of it is very expensive.
Sometimes when we sell something to a customer, it gets damaged during its
shipping after manufacture. This gets people really mad, and yell at us in the store /
over the phone about how they spent all this money and get something that (usually)
has a cosmetic blemish or in worse cases a broken piece.

To these customers, it's terrible that you got the luck of the draw, but it's actually
just that -- bad luck. We didn't intentionally sell you the product in that damaged
state. We rely on the manufacturers of these products and their quality control
departments to make sure these products don't wind up in our stock rooms --
because we sure as hell don't open up every one of these huge boxes and inspect
every piece for damage before shipping it to you. Sometimes one bad one just makes
it through the gate. These manufacturers have warranties for this very reason: to
honor you as their customer and to make sure you get the full working product you
paid for. We, as the store who sold it to you, can't do jack, (just so you know,)
outside of the one thing we can (and will) do to honor you as our customer: to
exchange you a new, working-order one for the broken one, or to take it back as a
return entirely. Don't demand us to shower you with lots of free stuff JUST because
you had a minor (YES, MINOR,) inconvenience for a day. The sooner you accept the
fact that shit happens in the everyday world and that things are put in place to
resolve that shit, you can be a happier, less stressed-out individual. And the people
who are trying to help you will like you more in the process, and be more willing to
see you satisfied! Imagine that? Be rest assured, your sob story can be far outdone by
people of actual need. And the real kicker is that those people tend to not always feel
entitled to it. So humble yourselves.

Man, first world problems.

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