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Monday March 25, 2019
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Harlock | posted 06-01-2012 | Number of Votes: 54  |  Current Rating: 1.89   

IT company, webdesigner here: we have a female project manager since over 10
PM: can you make this text more fat in the website?
ME: done.
PM: why is the text all fat i said bigger not fatter!
ME: ooookay...., no problem. (after all "big" and "fat" sure are words you never
in all this years...)
PM: but the client says its still so tiny!
ME: ask him if he accidentally reduced the text with "+" and "-" commands on
PM: he can do that? noooo, didn't know.
ME: (yeah honey there's many things you dont know after 10 years and we all
know why
you got the job first hand...)

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