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Thursday October 18, 2018
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dw5304 | posted 07-23-2012 | Number of Votes: 41  |  Current Rating: 3.44   

Setting: Customer calls for an onsite to trouble shoot internet connection.

I arrive on site, get customers laptop and was greeted by enter password screen.

Me: what's the password to log into your computer.
Client: See this is the issue I cant get online.
Me: O... OK... ah I see here u have a password hint, says wife.
Client: I did not put it there, I do not know the password.
Me: ok, ok, what's your wife's name.
Client tells me.
Me: ah ok good looks like were in now.
Me: o, looks like u never setup your wireless settings yet. Do u know your wireless name?
Client: no idea.

I look at the list of 20 finds one that's close to there last name with some numbers at the end of it.

Me: ah I think I found it do u know the password to your wireless?

client: NO, U came out here and set it up the last time for me.

I check though my logs I have never been out to this location before.
me: I cant seem to locate your password, Do you have any other wireless devices in the house?
Client: yes my old laptop that I used to use before I got this new one.
Me: ah makes total since now why u can not connect to the internet. Can I please see the old laptop.

Customer points to the one im Working on......

I decided he doesn't know anything about his setup and reset his wireless access.

On the way out I hand him a piece of paper saying "Do Not loose this peace of paper it has important information on it for another tech." on the back of it has things like ssid: pw: router ip ect.

client goes o u mean like this one: and he pulls out a paper from another tech from two weeks ago... FML

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