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Friday December 14, 2018
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Stupid Client Quote #8128

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radioengineer | posted 08-12-2012 | Number of Votes: 52  |  Current Rating: 4.30   

Sales Manager: (On Phone) I need you to come in immediately and fix the printer!

Me: What is the problem with it?

Sales Manager: No ink, come fix it!

Me: If you don't know how to change the printer cartridges, there are at least 10 people in the office that can help you. This is my day off.

Sales Manager: But you're the IT guy and I need this now.

Me: Does it have to be in color or can you send it to the black and white printer?

Sales Manager: I don't need to print anything...

Me: Then what is the problem?

Sales Manager: You need to come put this ink in because I have a very important picture in an email and I need to send it to the client in color!

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