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Tuesday December 11, 2018
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Mike | posted 08-16-2012 | Number of Votes: 32  |  Current Rating: 2.66   

In the area where I live the Highways Department obviously feel that whenever there is a "bad accident" they have to DO SOMETHING.

If, for example, a parked vehicle features in the story, then of course before long the whole road is a No Parking zone.

If the accident had anything to do with overtaking, then that particular spot gets a double white line (= No Overtaking)

After applying that policy for a number of years we now have the interesting situation that almost any section of road where careful overtaking was at all safe now has a double white line so one could get a ticket for overtaking there, but it remains theoretically legal to overtake on the stretches that are so dangerous that no one has ever tried it.

I am waiting for some stranger to say to decide that since so many safe spots are restricted, any stretch that does not have a double white line must be extremely safe, whatever it looks like.

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