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Friday December 14, 2018
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deliveryman | posted 07-20-2015 | Number of Votes: 63  |  Current Rating: 4.39   

(I work in video production)

I joined a marketing company (2.5yrs old) that had just fired
their old video team. I came in just as the owner undercut the
competition severely just to work with the client (good over
all, but the video team didn't get paid much for this
project). So we met with the client to pitch our idea for
their video campaign. It all went smoothly and our team spent
the next month and a half making a very nice 1min30sec ad for
online and that was to be adapted and cut into a 30sec tv
commercial. The team was really proud, as this was our first
time working together and we knew that we would have a lot of
new perspective clients after this (kinda small market and
all). 3 days before they had to take the project to the local
network for copyright/censorship type of approval they looked
at our demo(that they had been sitting on for at least a week)
and told us this:

Apparently the asst. to the CEO had failed to communicate to
us that they changed their mind about the commercial two days
after our pitch. Which was completely different from the
direction that we shot the last 1.5 months.

So instead of our very nice quality, well thought out product;
we had to use literally one shot from that and then spent one
day shooting a bunch of people saying their slogan in front of
the same background.

So the end product was 6sec clip of a guy dunking a ball. then
20sec of people saying the slogan and then an info graphic. An
incredibly dull, repetitive product.

So over all... We wasted a lot of time producing something
really nice. We didn't get paid much. We didn't deliver
something nearly as good as we could if there was proper
communication. And ultimately, there is a turd of a commercial
broadcasting for the next two weeks with the company name on

Addendum: We got an extended contract where we're making a
short documentary on their stuff. We went from Ohio to Niagara
Falls,NY and THE SAME WOMAN canceled our room reservation! We
got maybe 3 hrs of sleep the day before we were supposed to
shoot.(EVERY hotel/motel within an hour of Niagara absolutely
requires a reservation in advance). So instead of two rooms
with two beds for four people. We waited an hour for very nice
night desk lady (whom had never cleaned a room before) to get
a 1 queen and 1 cot situation. so my coworker loss the coin
toss and slept on the floor on what should have been a very
easy, all expenses paid gig.

I still live in poverty.

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