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Tuesday January 19, 2021
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gargravarr | posted 04-24-2017 | Number of Votes: 180  |  Current Rating: 4.97   

Holy... right, so I've read a LOT of these stories, and on several other sites, and I thought users having problems with things like mice were totally made up. Nobody, I mean nobody, could be that dumb... right??

This happened today.

Scenario: me, DevOps engineer, him, experienced QA guy. Our web product needs official Safari support soon, so he's asked me for access to the only iMac in the company; because of a variety of reasons, the iMac has been placed on the same row of desks as him. I later find out he has owned modern Macs in the last few years, which makes this quite ridiculous.

So, I'm VNC'd into the Mac, on the User management screen, about to set up his user account. Over company IM, this happens:

[‎24/‎04/‎2017 10:58 AM] me:
so on the iMac screen
tell you what, rather than me generating you a random password
want to enter a your own?
[‎24/‎04/‎2017 11:00 AM] QA guy:
is it unique to that machine and won't ever change?
[‎24/‎04/‎2017 11:00 AM] me:
[‎24/‎04/‎2017 11:01 AM] QA guy:
ok what smart-ass inverted the mouse on it...
[‎24/‎04/‎2017 11:01 AM] me:
/me whistles
(is the Apple logo the right way up on the mouse?)
[‎24/‎04/‎2017 11:01 AM] QA guy:
oh wow...
the damned thing is basically simmetrical

Since this was over IM, and he's in another building, he didn't get to hear me crack up with laughter, so loud that the other people in the office all wondered what had happened. Upon sending them the chat log above, they immediately understood!

I can sorta understand the guy, the Apple Magic Mouse has no clear 'up' or 'down', but the fact that he immediately concluded someone had gone to the trouble of inverting the mouse in software, rather than the straight and simple action of spinning the hardware 180 degrees, is beyond me!

Our cleaning staff don't get paid enough for pulling pranks like this!

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